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Learn how to play the ChumbiValley

The unofficial guide to the mystical Chumbi Valley a NFT play to earn, and free to start game. Let's explore the home of Chumbi inspired by industry legends like studio Ghibli, Pokemon, and an Axie Infinity.

In January-2022 initial 4096 seed Chumbi have hatched. Learn about these 15 Chumbi types, their coats, and their powers. Understand the Chumbi tokens, meet the team, find and craft tools, and more.

In May we expect to learn more about Generation 1, the additional 12288 Chumbi, and more about the gameplay. But there are also concerns about Chumbivalley's progress.

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Who are


Chumbi are cute forest creatures inhabiting and protecting their valley. They grow their favorite food and cook it with magical lucky stars. Chumbi craft valuable NFT items and beautiful decorations. They are magicians who nurture the spirit of the valley.

The dark forest presence curses some Chumbi which become violent. Battle these cursed Chumbi to save them and win lucky stars. Chumbi in love can breed offspring a new generation of warriors, explorers, artisans, sages, and parents.

Learn more about Chumbi Types.

Various Types of Chumbi body and skin



Chumbivalley is a game (release planned end of 2022). Players will be able to walk their Chumbi through the valley, battle the cursed Chumbi there, and collect items. Every player will have a home, where they can grow crops and craft items.

Besides enjoying the magnificent art, the players will be able to earn while playing the game. Finishing the quests and winning the battles will yield LSTS token reward. Chumbi and items you find or produce are NFT that you can sell.

Learn more about how to play Chumbivalley, and play to earn games

Chumbi Resting by the Chumbi Tree

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Latest events in Chumbi Valley


Chumbi Token

You can buy CHMB token in Kucoin's CHMB/USDT pair, on Pancakeswap and Orion's BUSD/CHMB pair.

You can stake CHMB with good ARP on staking.chumbivalley.com. There are 3 pools - 90, 180 and 365 days.

Ask me anything with Aisha Bitonti

Chat with CEO

On Apr-21 we had the first Ask me anything session with Aisha Bitonti - founder and CEO of Chumbivalley. On Apr-28 was AMA with Kieran from the Cumbivalley team. Papa spoke with us again on May-5.

Read the summary on discord.

Breeding of the first generation

Gen 1 Chumbi

Seed holders can breed 4096 gen1 Chumbi. Additional 8192 gen 1 seeds will appear on the Mystical Oak Tree.

More on Chumbivalley Medium.

Chumbi trail NFT airdrop

NFT Airdrop

If you own the seed Chumbi, you can look forward to an airdrop - pod remnants, name tag, a trail, and a pair of boots.

Buy seed on Opensea

How many

Chumbi Exist

Every Chumbi is different. There are 15 body types and each type has 3 colors. Every Chumbi also wears a coat and there are 10 coat variants for each type. Flame type can wear river coat. We already have 3x15x15x10 = 6750 combinations.

On top of that, Chumbi has unique eyes, ears, mouth, patterns, and horns. We know that seed Chumbi has 20 ears, patterns, and mouths, 30 eyes (void type has additional 30), and 10 various horns.

Chumbivalley Instagram has a wide gallery of the art concept and examples of creature-rock type, crystal-cave type, mountain coat on different bodies. You can see all 4096 seed Chumbi on Opensea.

All the types are - tier 1: neutral, forest, cave, flame, river, mountain, spark, insect, tier 2: feather, crystal, frost, flower, tier 3: creature, spirit, and tier 4: void, the rarest of all Chumbi. Every type also have tiny and shiny variants.

Chumbivalley Instagram
Chumbi body and coat types


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can buy initial set of 4096 on the Opensea marketplace.

Initial team overview. Most core members are from Australia. The development is done by NonceBlox and Vulcan Forged.

The team plans to release the game in 2022. The aim is to create a browser based game, app might come later. We will bring you more information once available.

No one can tell ahead of time which of many emerging play to earn games will be successful and which will disappear. Chumbivalley combines beautiful art, strong community, and drive. An increase in the fan base shows that the game has big potential. Game success depends on many factors and competition will be tough. Do your research before you invest in any project, Chumbi is no exception.

CHMB and LSTS are coins that will be used in the game. You can learn more about these crypto-token in the tokenomics article.

There will be millions of Chumbi. Every Chumbi is different. There are 15 different body types - neutral, forest, cave, flame, river, mountain, spark, insect, feather, crystal, frost, flower, creature, spirit and void. Each Chumbi also wears a coat. There are 10 coat variants for each type and Chumbi can wear coat of different type. River Chumbi can have a flame coat. Chumbi also has different horns, eyes, ears, mouth and pattern. Altogether there are billions of combinations and plethora different Chumbi.


Chumbi Tokens

Chumbi will use two tokens - $CHMB (Chumbi Token) and $LSTS (Lucky Stars). CHMB is the primary currency to buy new Chumbi, pay for breeding and sage school, or buy items on the market. As CHMB holder you have voting rights influencing the game's future and you can stake it in the Shrine of Giving.

You earn LSTS fighting cursed Chumbi or completing in-game quests. You receive it by growing plants or gathering resources. LSTS has an infinite supply, but it is burned during breeding, increasing Chumbi level, learning spells, and making Chumbi happy.

Learn more about tokenomics here, on medium, including transparency report, or the litepaper

Chumbi tokens - CHMB and LSTS


Don't get scammed

Chumbi Valley community is growing exponentially, and that gives opportunity to scammers. Seed Chumbi sale already took place on Dec-16 on chumbivalley.com. Now you can buy the hatches Chumbi on Opensea ChumbiValley never sends direct messages. Scammers do.

$CHMB was realeased on the Binance Smart Chain and you can buy it on Kucoin, on Pancakeswap, and Orion Protocol. Learn more on official discord, the one having 190K+ users.

If anyone offers the seed mint, it's fake. Always check the official site chumbivalley.com. The scammer use prefixes or suffixes, or triple L in the word valley. Read how to avoid scam and on metamask's safety tips.

Beware of scam, no presale yet

The first glimpse of

ChumbiValley Gameplay

Exploring ChumbiValley is a lot of fun. You can activate an Ancient Portal and go through the generated landscape to discover rare NFTs, find seeds to your garden, and of course battle the cursed Chumbi.

The game release is planned for 2022 and there will be beta access before that. Besides fighting you can farm and gather resources, you can breed Chumbi and explore the land. Chumbi can craft new items and decorations as well as complete quests to earn in-game currency.

Did you know that weather changes in Chumbi Valley? Do you think rain weakens fire Chumbi?

ChumbiValley gameplay screen in day

Did you know?

Interesting details from the Chumbi Valley

To explore the valley, you need to activate the Ancient Portal. Having more happy Chumbi will ensure that portal can be activated more often.

The name Chumbi is a combination of the words 'chubby', 'stumpy', and 'chibi'.

Weather changes in the Chumbi Valley and there is day and night. Did you know you need a lantern to play at night?

On Dec-17 it was listed PancakeSwap, it was released on Kucoin and Orion protocol. Read tokenomics article and transparency report.

What is the

Play to Earn

In a normal game, you explore the vast universe, collect items and get experience. You can become virtual Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. In an nft game, all the objects you find, craft, or win are nfts and you can sell them in-game or on an open market.

Besides experience, you get $LSTS token, which you can spend to make your Chumbi happier or sell on the market as well. In Chumbi valley you can earn by battling cursed Chumbi, growing crops, finding or crafting items, completing quests, breeding, or renting your Chumbi to other players. You can also stake your NFTs or tokens and get rewards.

Play to Earn might sound like a Utopia, but there are games like Axie Infinity, a leader on the market, which provide a decent living in developing countries and some pocket money elsewhere. If Chumbi is successful doesn't depend on the popularity only, but the play-to-earn balance must be correctly set up.

Learn more - watch an interview with Gala Games President and read about how safe is it to invest in play to earn.

Chumbi girl and forest chumbi in the woods

What comes in the

Chumbi Future

We expect a lot from Chumbi game. After seed Chumbi pre-sale ends and we win some tokens we want to exchange them on the crypto exchange. Many desire to buy Chumbi and the marketplace is much awaited.

No matter if we have seed, normal, or ancestor Chumbi we want to play the game. Beta and Alpha gameplay access need to come.

And finally, in 2022, browser based game will allow us to explore the land, beat cursed Chumbi and other players, gather rare plants to farm and craft, train others, and stake our Chumbi in the Shrine of Giving. Later there might be a mobile app too.

Chumbi Litepaper's last page

Chumbi Valley road map

Meet the

Chumbivalley team

On Nov-24 2021 we got the first introduction of the Chumbivalley team.

Nikki Druiven and Aisha Venables Bitonti work together in Strange Planet webdesign studio. They also founded Strange Pocket Games, abandoned the project, for now, to fully focus on Chumbivalley.

Kieran Brumby is a manager in health and fitness, and he has founded Matebolix fitness. Claudia Tigani works as an artist in New Digital Print together with Nikki. All three have studied at Swinburne University.

Initial development was done by Nonceblox. Its founder Ritam Gupta often talks in TV about crypto. Later stages are prepared by the Vulcan Forged team.

Chumbivalley team introduction, read more about the team

Chumbivalley core team
Chumbi Valley Timeline

History and Future of Chumbivalley


Beta, Alpha, and game release

Users can try the beta and later alpha versions of the game. Latest AMA reveals that the game release is targeted in 2022.

PvE and PvP Battles and Offline

Earn $LSTS while battling cursed Chumbi or other players. Learn spells to farm your land even when offline.

Chumbi Village Land Sale

Like other games, Chumbi will also sell valuable land plots. Planner for Stage 3

Chumbi Merch shop

Do you want a plushie Chumbi? Your chance comes in stage 3

Shrine of Giving

Stake your Chumbi to earn rewards.

Secret Chumbi revealed

Wow, there are more than 15 Chumbi types?

May 2022

Ask my anything

May-5 AMA with Papa Chumbi revealed info about development progress and 110M CHMB heist.

April 2022

Chumbi Crates

On Apr-14 3 months staking will finish. Those who staked can claim Chumbi crate that contains Lantern of Revealing and maybe some other items.

Partnership with BalloontownNFT

Chumbivalley has partnered with BalloontownNFT. Check Twitter.

Ask my anything

Apr-21 with Papa Chumbi and Apr-28 voice AMA with Kieran.

March 2022

Generation 1 Sale

Plans for 12288 generation 1 Chumbi revealed. Read of medium.

Chumberries revealed

We learned that there will be 8 types of Chumberries. See discord

Recipe Competition

Win one of the 3 NFT dishes in the lore competition. See discord

How rare is your Chumbi

Check Chumbi rarity on rarity.tools.

Partnership with Dao Maker

Chumbivalley partnered with token sale specialist Dao Maker.

February 2022

Partnership with Cryptoids

A special set of Chumbi inspired Cryptoids and exclusive access to their discord bring this new Chumbivalley partnership.

CHMB token transparency report

Details about contracts and vesting summarized in the CHMB transparency report article.

Teaser Trailer Expected

Will we learn more about the game, the team, and the Chumbi? We expect the trailer full of beautiful art.

January 2022

CHMB staking

$CHMB staking went live. Minimum 100% ARP for up to 3.5B Chumbi tokens.

Hatching Event

On Jan-20 the seed Chumbi hatched. Prior to it, you could win seed Chumbi in a competition.

December 2021

Seed Chumbi sale

Chumbi Fam have bought all mystic pods on Dec-15. Whitelisted users can buy seed Chumbi using USDC on Polygon on Dec-16 2021. The rest will be available to the public.

New Webpage

On Dec-6 the new webpage was released introducing the team and having more info about the gameplay. Litepaper updated.

CHMB IEO on Kucoin

From Dec-14 to Dec-16 people can join the Initial exchange offering on Kucoin centralized exchange. Read more on Kucoin AMA. When holding 100KCS you gor 2400 Chumbi for 0.001 vested over 9 months.

IDO on Orion

On Dec-15, $100K of CHMB token was available on the Orion Protocol. The price have reached 0.0126$ for CHMB.

Airdrop Competitions

More than 1000 supporters got CHMB airdrop - winner list

Token listed on Cex and Dex

CHMB token will be listed on DEX, most probably Pancake swap - see medium. On Dec-17 it was listed on Kucoin with initial price 0.1 USD/CHMB which was slowly decreasing.

November 2021

Seed Chumbi price revealed

Prices for the rarest of all Chumbi were disclosed.

Team info

Who are the artist and developers behing Chumbivalley - Chumbi Team

Presale Whitelisting

Chance to win one of the 4000 pre-sale whitelist spots on givelab.

$CHMB token airdrops

In two competitions you can win CHMB tokens - $4M telegram and $1M ASHWSB raffles.

October 2021

Halloween art contest

Chumbi fans were making virtual pumpkin art and sticker at the Halloween event.

September 2021


Litepaper and the webpage were released.

August 2021

Early Family

First discord server members had a chance to win founders cloak and emerald headpiece. Now, these are valuable NFTs.

What are

Seed Chumbi

Seed Chumbi is the rarest and most valuable collectible in the ChumbiValley. You could buy Chumbi seed in three rounds. The first was open to Chumbi Fam, the most active discord users from September. Then Whitelisted users bought the rest on Dec-16 and the public sale never happened.

Every address could buy 3 pods. There are 200 Chumbi Fam and 4000 whitelisted. The price for the rare pod was $290, the epic costed $690, the legendary $1490, and the mythic $2990.

People were using USDC on the polygon chain. Learn how to set up the wallet here or on the sale press release, sale faq, and polygon-USDC.

Seed Chumbi sale details

Seed Chumbi prices