How to buy

Chumbi on Opensea

Two Chumbi collections exist on Opensea - Chumbi and Founder Collection. The first lets you buy Chumbi to play the game with and the other is used to buy decorations for your Chumbi place.

So far there are 4096 seed Chumbi you can buy. In the Founders set you can find various items that were airdropped to the Chumbi owners, investors, and supporters. There are also invalidated items due to errors in the initial airdrop.

Before you buy on Opensea, always double-check the link on the Chumbi Discord.

Chumbi Founders Collection on Opensea

How to

Get coin to crypto wallet

In order to buy on NFT marketplace like Opensea, you need to have to set up a crypto wallet and send some coins to it.

In this example, we show how to withdraw crypto assets from Binance, the biggest crypto exchange, to your crypto wallet.

Because Chumbi NFTs are using the Polygon network we withdraw its native token MATIC. Prepare your wallet by setting up Polygon chain. If you don't have any, you need to buy some first and then in the spot wallet locate MATIC and click withdraw. Choose Polygon network and triple-check your wallet address. Also, make sure your wallet works on the Polygon chain.

Withdraw Polygon (MATIC) from Binance

How to set up

Convert Polygon to WETH

Current Chumbi NFTs exist on Polygon chain and you need WETH (violet icon on opensea) to cover the NFT cost and a few MATIC for transaction gas fees.

You can use many exchanges. We show how to convert MATIC to ETH (sometimes called wrapped ETH, because it is ETH token on Polygon chain) on quickswap decentralized exchange. We recommend converting a bit more in case NFT price raises meanwhile.

Connect you wallet to quickswap. Then select the MATIC on the top and ETH as the second pair in the exchange.

Convert Matic to ETH on quickswap

How to

Execute the swap

If you agree to the price, you hit the swap button. Your wallet pops up and asks you to confirm the transaction.

You can also see the gas fee in MATIC. It should be fairly low, around 0.01-0.03 MATIC.

Confirm the MATIC-ETH swap

Was the exchange


It takes a few seconds to process the transaction. In the end, you get the success message in the top right corner.

Now you have some ETH on polygon chain in your wallet together with some MATIC. You need the pay fees when you withdraw or transfer the coins as well as when you trade NFTs on Opensea.

Quickswap exchange success

How to shop

On Opensea

First, you need to locate the NFT you want to buy. In this example, we are going to purchase the rare seed Chumbi pod remnants.

You can review the current price, how many copies and owners are there. You can check the price volatility and purchase activity.

When you decide to buy, click on buy now. It arranges a trade for the lowest price, but you can choose to buy the asset from any seller in the Listings section.

Rare Chumbi Seed Remnants on Opensea

First trade on


After you confirm, that you want to buy, if it is your first trade using polygon on Opensea, you need to unlock the currency, by confirming an opensea contract.

If you have freshly bought the ETH, you might get a transaction error. Usually, it helps to wait for a little while and try again.

Metamask set up new network


Opensea currency contract

Then you sign the contract, to confirm the trade.

Sing unlocked currency on opensea



The transaction must be confirmed by the blockchain. After a while, the NFT will be truly yours.

Opensea Trade Processing

You got a

Non-fungible token

Once the transaction is confirmed as complete, the NFT is yours. You can see it under your Opensea profile and in your crypto wallet (if it supports NFT as Metamask do).

Your ownership is accessible in the blockchain. But be careful with scammers and keep your wallet seed phrase secure.

Opensea trade confirmed