How to

stake CHMB

Staking is live on the Chumbi webpage since Jan-14. You can stake the CHMB in your private wallet (e.g., Metamask (you can't stake through Kucoin)).

There are 3 pools. 90 days, 180 days, and 1 year. Your tokens are locked for this period of time. Yearly interest has started high (above 10000%) and slowly decrease as more people stake. It means that you can earn thousands of % arp for a few minutes, but you earn a bit less the next minute.

CHMB and LSTS tokens

How can I

Calculate my reward

When you connect your crypto wallet to Chumbi staking, you will see the current ARP - yearly reward. As more people stake, this reward decrease. A year has 8760 hours. If the current ARP is 8760%, it means you get 87,6 times what you stake a year or 1% an hour.

As more people stake, the ARP decrease, so the next hour you get less. We estimate that in Jan the circulating supply reaches 1,2B. The staking cap is 3,5B and once reached the ARP is 100% for 90 days pool 150% for 180 days pool, and 200% for 365 days pool. 200% a year means you double your stake in 365 days or 0.02% an hour.

You must also consider the price after one year. If CHMB costs $0.1 today and you double it in a year, but the price decrease to $0.05, you didn't get anything. If the price remains above $0.05 you benefited.

CHMB staking on Chumbivalley website

How to

stake CHMB

If you want to stake CHMB, first you need to have some CHMB in your private wallet. Then go to Chumbivalley staking page (don't trust links you see on the internet, check the official link on, because there are many scam sites.)

On the staking site, connect your wallet. Choose the pool you want to stake in (90, 180, or 365 days). Beware that the current ARP will be lower as more people stake. Also, you must stake the whole number of CHMB (100 instead of 99.5 or 100.4 CHMB). Once you fill in the staking amount hit the stake button.

In your wallet, you must first approve and then confirm that staking contract (both costs some BNB). A few people have reported huge gas fee prices (~15) for the stake. Don't stake for $15, normal gas price is less than 0.001 BNB.

CHMB staking on Chumbivalley website

Two steps

Approve and Stake

To stake, you interact with Chumbi staking contract. After you hit the stake button, first you approve that the contract can interact with CHMB in your wallet. Gas fee should not exceed 0.001 BNB.

Then you confirm the staking. That can cost a bit more, but still less than 0.003 BNB. Users have reported gas fee of 0.03 BNB or above. Don't pay that much.

If you see a high gas fee, you can do a few things. Wait a while. Make sure you stake a whole number of CHMB (e.g. 99 and not 99.5). Switch from mobile to PC.

Approve CHMB staking

How much CHMB

was staked

On the staking page, you see the total number of staked CHMB tokens. If you are interested in knowing how much was already staked, you can look at

You must know the hash code of the staking contacts:

CHMB staking on Bscscan