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Chumbi Types

We know about 15 types of Chumbi ranked in 4 Tiers - Tier 1: Neutral, Forest, Cave, Flame, River, Mountain, Spark, Insect. Tier2: Feather, Crystal, Frost, Flower. Tier 3 will be Creature, Spirit, and Tier4 is Void.

Each Chumbi can wear a coat of the same or different type. Every type also has 3 different body colors. Various horns, ears, eyes, mouths, and patterns create endless possibilities of how the Chumbi can look like.

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15 Chumbi types


Neutral Chumbi

Neutral is truly a special Chumbi. It has no strength against any other type, but it neither has any weakness.

Neutral Chumbi are white (light shade), medium, or dark grey. Light shade attacks with Claw. Medium has Pounce, and dark shade uses Strike.

Six neutral coats exist - Fluff with Chomp, Neighbour coat having Deep Growl attack, Chumbi with Puffy coat disposing of Kick, Ragdoll coat having Swipe secondary attack, Tabby coat with Head Crash, and plain neutral coat disposing of Cutter.

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Coats and Shades of Neutral Chumbi

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Forest Chumbi

Forest Chumbi is a great opponent to the river, cave, and mountain Chumbi. It suffers when attacked by feather, frost, insect, and fire.

Forest Chumbi are light, medium, or dark green. Light shade attacks with Woodwind. Medium has Branch Bash, and dark shade uses Leaf Lash.

Six forest coats exist - Fungus having Spore Cloud, Moss coat can attack using Cloak Of Weeds, Chumbi with Straw coat wielding Ambush, Twigs coat with Lumber Fist secondary attack, Vines coat using Ivy Whips, and plain forest coat disposing of Leaf Storm.

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Forest Chumbi coats and shades


River Chumbi

River Chumbi is afraid of void, spark, and forest. It crushes flame, cave, mountain, and spirit. Light blue attacks with Wild Waters. Medium has MaelStrom, and dark shade uses Storm Slush.

6 river coats exits - Gills with Water Breath, Diver coat attacking with Deep Dive attack, Chumbi with Foggy coat having Rainstorm, Lillies coat disposing of Pond Skip secondary attack, Creek Dweller coat with Flood, and plain river coat wielding Pressure Blast.

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Coats and Shades of River Chumbi


Flame Chumbi

Flame Chumbi excel against the forest, insect, frost, and void Chumbi. It doesn't like to encounter creature, mountain, cave and river ones. Light red has Fireball main attack. Medium shade flame Chumbi unleash the Flare, and dark ones use Blazing Slam.

Flame Chumbi are light, medium, or dark red.

You can find 6 flame coats types. - Burning having Flash Fire secondary attack, Astral coat launching Lava Spill, Fiery coated Chumbi attacking with Fire Wave, Magma coats using Smolder secondary attack, Chumbi wearing Cinders coat with Cinder attack, and finally, plain flame Chumbi wielding Hot Coals.

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Flame Chumbi coats and shades

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Cave Chumbi

Cave Chumbi usually beat flame, spark, and crystal Chumbi. It is weak against frost, river, and forest Chumbi.

Cave Chumbi are light, medium, or dark brown.

Six creature coats exist - Bedrock with Rolling Blunder, Bones coat having Cave Buster attack, Chumbi with Nightmare coat disposing of Horrify, Taboo coat having Steel Cutter secondary attack, Trawler coat with Rock Crusher, and plain cave coat disposing of Wall Rumbler.

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Coats and Shades of Cave Chumbi


Mountain Chumbi

Mountain Chumbi enjoy fighting with flame, frost, and feather Chumbi. It is careful with river, creature, crystal, and forest Chumbi.

Mountain Chumbi are light, medium, or dark brown. Light shade is wielding with Tectonic Shift. Medium has Boulder Throw, and dark shade uses Falling Rocks.

Six mountain coats exist - Dishevelled using Hi-Jump Strike, Pebbles coat can attack with Rough Tumble, Chumbi with Rubble coat launching Cliff Dive, Trail Mix coat with Fist Of Everest secondary attack, Wiseman coat using Echoing Boom, and plain mountain coat having Landslide.

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Coats and Shades of Mountain Chumbi


Insect Chumbi

Insect Chumbi have only two strengths against forest and spirit Chumbi opponents. They also have only two weaknesses to feather and fire.

Insect Chumbi are light, medium, or dark green. Light shade is wielding with Swarm. Medium has Hive Mind, and dark shade uses Acid Spit.

Six insect coats exist - Fly having Hover Strike, Mosaic Wings coat can use Swarm Sting, Chumbi with Pupa coat wielding Venomous Bite, Royal Arthropod coat launching Multibite secondary attack, Shell Jockey coat with Tail Pierce, and plain insect coat attacking with Burrow.

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Insect Chumbi coats and shades


Spark Chumbi

Spark Chumbi is powerful against the river, feather, and flower Chumbi. It rather avoids confrontation with void, spirit, and cave Chumbi. Light yellow attacks with Thunderclap. Medium has Lightning Bolt, and dark shade uses Overload.

There are 6 spark coats - Energized with Radwave, Powered coat having Gigawatt Punch attack, Chumbi with Charged coat disposing of Thunder Chain, Fritzy coat having Laser Burst secondary attack, Static coat with System Shock, and plain spark coat disposing of Lightning Strike.

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Coats and Shades of Spark Chumbi


Feather Chumbi

Feather Chumbi is strong against forest and insect Chumbi. They often lose to frost, mountain, and spark Chumbi. It has orange body color. Light orange has Feather Blade main attack. Medium attacks using Sky Dive, and dark shade has Deafening Squaw.

Chumbi can wear 6 feather coats - Night Watch with Bomb Dropper, Blue Bird coat having Birdsong attack, Chumbi with Proud coat disposing of Nutcracker, Sunny coat having Shriek secondary attack, Flaunt coat with Pecking Spree, and plain feather coat disposing of Talon Slash.

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Coats and Shades of Feather Chumbi


Crystal Chumbi

Crystal Chumbi excel fighting mountain, frost and flower Chumbi. It is rather weak against creature and cave Chumbi.

Crystal Chumbi are light, medium, or dark violet. Light shades have Mineral Mania main attack. Medium is using Diamond Cut, and dark shade uses Gem Toss.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 crystal coats - Amethyst striking with Refract, Emerald coat can release Gem Shard, Chumbi with Fluorite coat having Shimmer Shine, Rose Quartz coat using Quartz Crush, Ruby coat with Dazzling Light secondary attack, and plain crystal coat attacking with Glowing Rush.

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Coats and Shades of Crystal Chumbi


Frost Chumbi

Frost Chumbi beat forest, cave, and feather Chumbi easily. They struggle against crystal, cave, and fire.

Frost Chumbi are light, medium, or dark pink. Light pinks have Permafrost. Medium is using Freezer Burn main attack and dark shade strikes with Snow Shock.

Any Chumbi can wear one of the six frost coats - Bearded are wielding Icicle Drop, Chilly coats have Aurora Pulse, Chumbi with Icicles coat can release Snowfall, Survivor coats are using Misty Wind, Wooly coats are having Hailstorm secondary attack, and plain frost coat striking with Freeze Fog.

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Coats and Shades of Frost Chumbi


Flower Chumbi

Flower Chumbi has superpowers against Tier 3 and 4 Chumbi of void and creature type. They are likely to be defeated by spirit, crystal and spark.

Flower Chumbi are light, medium, or dark pink. Light pinks have Thorn Grip. Medium is using Petal Gale main attack, and dark shade stikes with Seed Shot.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 flower coats - Blossoms are unleasing Seed Burst, Floral Patch coat can release Honeypot Blast, Chumbi with Potpourri coat have Binding Earth, Sun Drops coats are using Nectar Stream, Sunflower coat with Sun Dance secondary attack, and plain flower coat attacking with Pollenate.

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Coats and Shades of Flower Chumbi

Tier 3

Creature Chumbi

Creature Chumbi dominate the fights against fire, crystal, and cave Chumbi. Creatures are weak against spirit and flower Chumbi. Light green attacks with Beastly Roar. Medium has Sharp Claws, and dark shade uses Endless Rage.

Six creature coats exist - Glowing Spines with Molten Pierce, Modern Dragon coat having Eldritch Blast attack, Chumbi with Ancient Beast coat disposing of Cursed Claws, Evolved coat having Elder's Breath secondary attack, Scaled Armor coat with Armored Bash, and plain creature coat disposing of Armor Break.

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Coats and Shades of Creature Chumbi


Spirit Chumbi

Spirit Chumbi have an advantage over creature, spark, and flower Chumbi. They are weaker fighting void, insect, and river Chumbi.

Spirit Chumbi are dark blue. Spirit coat is transparent. Light spirits have Chilling Whisper. Mediums are using Soul Scream main attack, and dark shades stike with Wailing Banshee.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 spirit coats - Aurora have mastered Haunting, Ghostly Wisp coat can unleash Wisp Burn, Chumbi having Lunar coat can attack with Moon Beam, Mystic coats are using Nowhere Strike, Solar coat with Solar Flare secondary attack, and plain spirit coat attacking with Magic Bolt.

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Coats and Shades of Spirit Chumbi


Void Chumbi

Black Void Chumbi is very special. It is the only Tier 4 Chumbi. Void Chumbi have special eyes. Voids are strong against river, spark, spirit, and void. They have weakness fighting void, flower, and flame.

Why it is both strong and weak against void? It means that if two void Chumbi fight, they deal more damage and the fight is quicker.

6 void coats exist - Dark Shawl have learned Abyssal Blast, Microcosm coats can strike with Evil's Effigy, Chumbi having Nether Ghost coats master Night Slice, Shadows coats are launching Shadow Beam secondary attack, Umbra coats have Dark Curse, and plain void coats are attacking with Shade Shot.

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Coats and Shades of Void Chumbi