Tier 1 Brown

Cave Chumbi

Cave type has an brown body color (light, medium, or dark) and brown background. Light cave body type has Stone Smash main attack. Medium shade can attack with Cave Tomb. The dark shade cave is using Earth Shaker.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different cave coats - Taboo coat having Steel Cutter secondary attack. Cave Chumbi with Bones coat master Cave Buster attack. Nightmare coats are wielding Horrify attack. Chumbi cloaked in Trawler have Rock Crusher attack. Bedrock coats attack using Rolling Blunder. And a plain cave coat can deliver Wall Rumbler.

Cave are strong against the flame, spark, and crystal Chumbi. They have weakness fighting - frost, river, and forest Chumbi. Pure Cave Chumbi on Opensea.

Pure Cave Nightmare Coat Chumbi

Strong against: flamesparkcrystal

Weak against: frostriverforest

Body colors of

Cave Chumbi

Cave Chumbi have a brown body and background. Light-shaded cave Chumbi can attack with Stone Smash. Medium-shaded have Cave Tomb attack and dark cave Chumbi use Earth Shaker.

Cave is Tier1 type.

Cave Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark cave Chumbi

Taboo coat

Steel Cutter attack

Clad in bone armor, wearing a bone mask Taboo Chumbi fight with Steel Cutter attack.

Taboo Cave Coat on Opensea

Taboo coat Steel Cutter secondary attack

Bones coat

Cave Buster attack

Bones have mastered the Cave Buster attack.

Bones Cave Coat on Opensea

Bones coat Cave Buster secondary attack

Nightmare coat

Horrify attack

Wearing furs and fangs of killed monsters, Chumbi with Nightmare coat can release a Horrify assault.

Nightmare Cave Coat on Opensea

Nightmare coat Horrify secondary attack

Trawler coat

Rock Crusher attack

Looking like an ancient shaman Chumbi with Trawler coats that can release the Rock Crusher attack.

Trawler Cave Coat on Opensea

Trawler coat Rock Crusher secondary attack

Bedrock coat

Rolling Blunder attack

Cave Bedrock coats can strike with an Rolling Blunder attack.

Bedrock Cave Coat on Opensea

Bedrock coat Rolling Blunder secondary attack

Cave coat

Wall Rumbler attack

A plain cave coat can release a Wall Rumbler attack.

Pure Cave Coat on Opensea

Plain Cave coat Wall Rumbler secondary attack


Generation 1

Generation 1 cave coat leak

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