Tier 3 Green

Creature Chumbi

Creature type has an green body color (light, medium, or dark) and turquoise green background. Light creature body type has Beastly Roar main attack. Medium shade can attack with Sharp Claws. The dark shade creature is using Endless Rage.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different creature coats - Glowing Spines coat having Molten Pierce secondary attack. Creature Chumbi with Modern Dragon coat master Eldritch Blast attack. Ancient Beast coats are wielding Cursed Claws attack. Chumbi cloaked in Evolved have Elder's Breath attack. Scaled Armor coats attack using Armored Bash. And a plain creature coat can deliver Armor Break.

Creature are strong against the flame, crystal, and mountain Chumbi. They have only two weaknesses - spirit and flower Chumbi. Pure Creature Chumbi on Opensea.

Pure Creature Ancient Beast Coat Chumbi

Strong against: flamecrystalmountain Weak against: spiritflower

Body colors of

Creature Chumbi

Creature Chumbi have a green body and turquoise green background. Light-shaded creature Chumbi can attack with Beastly Roar. Medium-shaded have Sharp Claws attack and dark creature Chumbi use Endless Rage.

Creature is Tier3 type. When you mate tier2 Feather and tier2 Crystal Chumbi you have a slight chance their child will be Creature.

Creature Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark creature Chumbi

Glowing Spines coat

Molten Pierce attack

A Chumbi having several Glowing Spines on his body can attack with Monten Pierce secondary attack.

Glowing Spines Creature Coat on Opensea

Glowing Spines coat Molten Pierce secondary attack

Modern Dragon coat

Eldritch Blast attack

Modern Dragons have mastered the Eldritch Blast attack.

Modern Dragon Creature Coat on Opensea

Modern Dragon coat Eldritch Blast secondary attack

Ancient Beast coat

Cursed Claws attack

Clad like an ancient warrior, Chumbi with Ancient Beast coat can release a Cursed Claws assault.

Ancient Beast Creature Coat on Opensea

Ancient Beast coat Cursed Claws secondary attack

Evolved coat

Elder's Breath attack

Scales and spines wear Chumbi with Evolved coats that can release the Elder's Breath attack.

Evolved Creature Coat on Opensea

Evolved coat Elder's Breath secondary attack

Scaled Armor coat

Armored Bash attack

Creature Scaled Armor coats can strike with an Armored Bash attack.

Scaled Armor Creature Coat on Opensea

Scaled Armor coat Armored Bash secondary attack

Creature coat

Armor Break attack

A plain creature coat can release a Armor Break attack.

Creature Creature Coat on Opensea

Plain Creature coat Armor Break secondary attack