Tier 2

Feather Chumbi

Feather type has an orange body-color (light, medium, or dark) and orange background. Light feather body type has Feather Blade main attack. Medium orange dispose of Sky Dive attack. And finally, the dark shade feather type can attack using Deafening Squaw.

Chumbi can wear 6 different feather coats - Blue Bird coat having Birdsong secondary attack. Night watch coat with Bomb Dropper attack. Proud cloak disposing of Nutcracker attack. Sunny coat having Shriek attack. Flaunt coat using Pecking Spree attack. And a plain feather coat allowing the use of Talon Slash attack.

Feather type can be bred from neutral and forest parents. Chumbivalley on Opensea.

Pure Feather Proud Coat Chumbi

Night Watch coat

Bomb Dropper attack

Owl-like feather coat allowing a Bomb Dropper attacks.

Night watch Feather Coat on Opensea

Night Watch coat Bomb Dropper secondary attack

Blue Bird coat

Birdsong attack

Masked as a Blue Bird, this feather coat lets you attack with a Birdsong.

Blue Bird Feather Coat on Opensea

Blue Bird coat Birdsong secondary attack

Proud coat

Nutcracker attack

Bird wings of Proud coated Chumbi can release Nutcracker secondary.

Proud Feather Coat on Opensea

Proud coat Nutcracker secondary attack

Sunny coat

Shriek attack

Tiny, yellow feathers hide powerfull Shriek attack.

Sunny coat on Opensea

Sunny coat Shriek secondary attack

Flaunt coat

Pecking Spree attack

Fashionable Flaunt coat can unleash Pecking Spree.

Flaunt Feather Coat on Opensea

Flaunt coat Pecking Spree  secondary attack

Plain Feather coat

Talon Slash attack

A plain coat can release a Talon Slash secondary attack.

Plain Feather coat on Opensea

Plain Feather coat Talon Slash secondary attack