Tier 1 Red

Flame Chumbi

Flame type has an red body color (light, medium, or dark) and red background. Light flame body type has Fireball as the main attack. Medium red can release a Flare attack. The dark shade flame type can attack using Blazing Slam.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different flame coats - Burning coat having Lava Spill secondary attack. A flame Chumbi with Astral coat masters Lava Spill attack. Fiery coat wielding Fire Wave attack. Magma cloak with Smolder attack. Cinders coat attacks using Cinder. System Shock can deliver Chumbi in Static coat. And a plain flame coat can unleash Hot Coals.

Flames are strong against the forest, insect, frost, and void Chumbi. They rather avoid creature, mountain, cave ,and river Chumbi. Pure Flame Chumbi on Opensea.

Pure Flame Magma Coat Chumbi

Strong against: forestinsectfrostvoid Weak against: creaturemountaincaveriver

Body colors of

Flame Chumbi

Flame Chumbi have an red body and red background. Light-shaded flame Chumbi can attack with Fireball. Medium-shaded have Flare and dark red flame Chumbi use Blazing Slam.

Flame Type on Opensea

Light, meidum, and dark flame Chumbi

Burning coat

Flash Fire attack

The four flames of the Burning coat charge Flash Fire attack.

Burning Flame Coat on Opensea

Burning coat Flash Fire secondary attack

Astral coat

Lava Spill attack

Flame Astral coat can yield Lava Spill attack.

Astral Flame Coat on Opensea

Astral coat Lava Spill secondary attack

Fiery coat

Fire Wave attack

Chumbi with Fiery coat can launch a Fire Wave assault.

Fiery Flame Coat on Opensea

Fiery coat Fire Wave secondary attack

Magma coat

Smolder attack

Those who wear magma coats can release the Smolder attack.

Magma Flame coat on Opensea

Magma coat Smolder secondary attack

Cinders coat

Cinder attack

Flame Cinders coat can strike with a Cinder attack.

Cinders Spark Coat on Opensea

Cinders coat Cinder secondary attack

Plain Flame coat

Hot Coals attack

A plain flame coat can release a Hot Coals attack.

Plain Flame coat on Opensea

Plain Flame coat Hot Coals secondary attack


Generation 1

Generation 1 flame coat leak

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Generation 1 flame coat leak