Tier 1 pink

Flower Chumbi

Flower type has an pink body color (light, medium, or dark) and pink background. Light flower body type has Thorn Grip main attack. Medium shade can attack with Petal Gale. The dark shade flower is using Seed Shot.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different flower coats - Blossoms coat with Seed Burst secondary attack. Flower Chumbi with Floral Patch coat have mastered Honeypot Blast attack. Potpourri coats are attacking with Binding Earth attack. Chumbi cloaked in Sun Drops are wielding Nectar Stream. Sunflower coats attack using Sun Dance. And a plain flower coat can launch a Pollenate.

Flower strengths are against creature, and void Chumbi. Flower rather avoid fighting spirit, crystal, and spark Chumbi. Flower Chumbi on Opensea.

Flower Chumbi coats and shades

Strong against: creaturevoid

Weak against: spiritcrystalspark

Body colors of

Flower Chumbi

Flower Chumbi have a pink body and background. Light-shaded flower Chumbi can attack with Thorn Grip. Medium-shaded have Petal Gale attack and dark flower Chumbi use Seed Shot.

Flower is Tier2 type, that can be rarely be hatched when insect and spark type Chumbi fall in love.

Flower Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark flower Chumbi

Blossoms coat

Seed Burst attack

Blossoms Chumbi fight with the Seed Burst main attack.

Blossoms Flower Coat on Opensea

Blossoms coat Seed Burst secondary attack

Floral Patch coat

Honeypot Blast attack

Floral Patch have mastered the Honeypot Blast attack.

Floral Patch Flower Coat on Opensea

Floral Patch coat Honeypot Blast secondary attack

Potpourri coat

Binding Earth attack

Coated in blue crystals Potpourri coat Chumbi have mastered a Binding Earth assault.

Potpourri Flower Coat on Opensea

Potpourri coat Binding Earth secondary attack

Sun Drops coat

Nectar Stream attack

Sun Drops coat Chumbi that can release the Nectar Stream attack.

Sun Drops Flower Coat on Opensea

Sun Drops coat Nectar Stream secondary attack

Sunflower coat

Sun Dance attack

With rubies in the beard, Flower Sunflower coats can strike with a Sun Dance attack.

Sunflower Flower Coat on Opensea

Sunflower coat Sun Dance secondary attack

Flower coat

Pollenate attack

A plain flower coat can release a Pollenate attack.

Pure Flower Coat on Opensea

Plain Flower coat Pollenate secondary attack


Generation 1

Generation 1 flower coat leak.

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Generation 1 flower coat leak