Tier 1 green

Forest Chumbi

Forest type has an green body color (light, medium, or dark) and green background. Light forest body type has Woodwind main attack. Medium shade can attack with Branch Bash. The dark shade forest is using Leaf Lash.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different forest coats - Fungus coat with Spore Cloud secondary attack. Forest Chumbi with Moss coat have mastered Cloak Of Weeds attack. Straw coats are attacking with Ambush attack. Chumbi cloaked in Twigs are wielding Lumber Fist. Vines coats attack using Ivy Whips. And a plain forest coat can launch a Leaf Storm.

Forest are strong against the river, mountain, and cave Chumbi. They have weakness fighting - feather, flame, insect, and frost Chumbi. Forest Chumbi on Opensea.

Forest Chumbi coats and shades

Strong against: rivermountaincave

Weak against: flameinsectfrostfeather

Body colors of

Forest Chumbi

Forest Chumbi have a green body and background. Light-shaded forest Chumbi can attack with Woodwind. Medium-shaded have Branch Bash attack and dark forest Chumbi use Leaf Lash.

Forest is Tier1 type.

Forest Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark forest Chumbi

Fungus coat

Spore Cloud attack

A bit of fur of the Fungus Chumbi fight with the Spore Cloud attack.

Fungus Forest Coat on Opensea

Fungus coat Spore Cloud secondary attack

Moss coat

Cloak Of Weeds attack

Moss have mastered the Cloak Of Weeds attack.

Moss Forest Coat on Opensea

Moss coat Cloak Of Weeds secondary attack

Straw coat

Ambush attack

Bearded forest Chumbi with Straw coat can release a Ambush assault.

Straw Forest Coat on Opensea

Straw coat Ambush secondary attack

Twigs coat

Lumber Fist attack

Thick fur Twigs coat Chumbi that can release the Lumber Fist attack.

Twigs Forest Coat on Opensea

Twigs coat Lumber Fist secondary attack

Vines coat

Ivy Whips attack

Forest Vines coats can strike with an Ivy Whips attack.

Vines Forest Coat on Opensea

Vines coat Ivy Whips secondary attack

Forest coat

Leaf Storm attack

A plain forest coat can release a Leaf Storm attack.

Pure Forest Coat on Opensea

Plain Forest coat Leaf Storm secondary attack