Tier 1 ice blue

Frost Chumbi

Frost type has an ice blue body color (light, medium, or dark) and ice blue background. Light frost body type has Permafrost main attack. Medium shade can attack with Freezer Burn. The dark shade frost is using Snow Shock.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different frost coats - Bearded coat with Icicle Drop secondary attack. Frost Chumbi with Chilly coat have mastered Aurora Pulse attack. Icicles coats are attacking with Snowfall attack. Chumbi cloaked in Survivor are wielding Misty Wind. Wooly coats attack using Hailstorm. And a plain frost coat can launch a Freeze Fog.

Frost strengths are against forest, cave, and feather Chumbi. Frost is week battling crystal, mountain, and flame Chumbi. Frost Chumbi on Opensea.

Frost Chumbi coats and shades

Strong against: forestcavefeather

Weak against: crystalmountainflame

Body colors of

Frost Chumbi

Frost Chumbi have a ice blue body and background. Light-shaded frost Chumbi can attack with Permafrost. Medium-shaded have Freezer Burn attack and dark frost Chumbi use Snow Shock.

Frost is Tier2 type. When river and mountain parents mate, they have a chance of hatching a frost Chumbi.

Frost Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark frost Chumbi

Bearded coat

Icicle Drop attack

Bearded Chumbi fight with the Icicle Drop main attack.

Bearded Frost Coat on Opensea

Bearded coat Icicle Drop secondary attack

Chilly coat

Aurora Pulse attack

Chilly have mastered the Aurora Pulse attack.

Chilly Frost Coat on Opensea

Chilly coat Aurora Pulse secondary attack

Icicles coat

Snowfall attack

Coated in blue crystals Icicles coat Chumbi have mastered a Snowfall assault.

Icicles Frost Coat on Opensea

Icicles coat Snowfall secondary attack

Survivor coat

Misty Wind attack

Survivor coat Chumbi that can release the Misty Wind attack.

Survivor Frost Coat on Opensea

Survivor coat Misty Wind secondary attack

Wooly coat

Hailstorm attack

Resembling a sheep, Frost Wooly coats can strike with a Hailstorm attack.

Wooly Frost Coat on Opensea

Wooly coat Hailstorm secondary attack

Frost coat

Freeze Fog attack

A plain frost coat can release a Freeze Fog attack.

Pure Frost Coat on Opensea

Plain Frost coat Freeze Fog secondary attack