Tier 1 green

Insect Chumbi

Insect type has an green body color (light, medium, or dark) and green background. Light insect body type has Swarm main attack. Medium shade can attack with Hive Mind. The dark shade insect is using Acid Spit.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different insect coats - Fly coat with Hover Strike secondary attack. Insect Chumbi with Mosaic Wings coat have mastered Swarm Sting attack. Pupa coats are attacking with Venomous Bite attack. Chumbi cloaked in Royal Arthropod are wielding Multibite. Shell Jockey coats attack using Tail Pierce. And a plain insect coat can launch a Burrow.

Insect are strong fighting the forest, and spirit Chumbi. They have weakness to - feather, and flame Chumbi. Insect Chumbi on Opensea.

Insect Chumbi coats and shades

Strong against: forestspirit

Weak against: featherflame

Body colors of

Insect Chumbi

Insect Chumbi have a green body and background. Light-shaded insect Chumbi can attack with Swarm. Medium-shaded have Hive Mind attack and dark insect Chumbi use Acid Spit.

Insect is Tier1 type.

Insect Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark insect Chumbi

Fly coat

Hover Strike attack

Fly Chumbi fight with the Hover Strike main attack.

Fly Insect Coat on Opensea

Fly coat Hover Strike secondary attack

Mosaic Wings coat

Swarm Sting attack

Mosaic Wings have mastered the Swarm Sting attack.

Mosaic Wings Insect Coat on Opensea

Mosaic Wings coat Swarm Sting secondary attack

Pupa coat

Venomous Bite attack

A hatching caterpillar insect Chumbi with Pupa coat can release a Venomous Bite assault.

Pupa Insect Coat on Opensea

Pupa coat Venomous Bite secondary attack

Royal Arthropod coat

Multibite attack

Having a dragonfly on its belly, Royal Arthropod coat Chumbi that can release the Multibite attack.

Royal Arthropod Insect Coat on Opensea

Royal Arthropod coat Multibite secondary attack

Shell Jockey coat

Tail Pierce attack

Insect Shell Jockey coats can strike with an Tail Pierce attack.

Shell Jockey Insect Coat on Opensea

Shell Jockey coat Tail Pierce secondary attack

Insect coat

Burrow attack

A plain insect coat can release a Burrow attack.

Pure Insect Coat on Opensea

Plain Insect coat Burrow secondary attack