Tier 1 Yellow

River Chumbi

River type has a blue body color (light, medium, or dark) and turquoise blue background. Light river body type has Wild Waters as main attack. Medium blue disposes of MaelStrom main attack. The dark shade river type attacks with Storm Slush. River Chumbi is afraid of void, spark, and forest. It crushes flame, cave, mountain, and spirit.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different spark coats - Energized coat having Radwave secondary attack. Powered coat disposing of Gigawatt Punch attack. Charged cloak with Thunder Chain attack. Fritzy coat attacks using Laser Burst. System Shock can deliver Chumbi in Static coat. And a plain spark coat is allowing to use of Lightning Strike secondary attack.

Sparks are strong against the river, feather, and flower Chumbi. They rather avoid void, spirit, and cave Chumbi. Pure Spark Chumbi on Opensea.

Pure River Diver Coat Chumbi

Strong against: firecavemountainspirit Weak against: voidsparkforest

Body colors

River Chumbi

River Chumbi have blue body and turquoise backround. Light-shaded river Chumbi attacks using Wild Waters. Medium-shaded have MaelStrom and dark blue river Chumbi use Storm Slush.

River Type on Opensea

Light, meidum, and dark river Chumbi

Gills coat

Water Breath attack

Gills coat is one of the few that changes color based on the main body type. Chumbi with Gills coat have Water Breath secondary attack.

Gills River Coat on Opensea

Gills coat Water Breath secondary attack

Diver coat

Deep Dive attack

River diver coat wields Deep Dive attack.

Diver River Coat on Opensea

Diver coat Deep Dive secondary attack

Foggy coat

Rainstorm attack

Chumbi with a foggy coat can release a Rainstorm attack.

Foggy River Coat on Opensea

Foggy coat Rainstorm secondary attack

Lillies coat

Pond Skip attack

Those who wear lillies coats can launch the Pond Skip.

Lillies River coat on Opensea

Lillies coat Pond Skip secondary attack

Creek Dweller coat

Flood attack

River Creek Dweller coat can strike with a Flood attack.

Creek Dweller River Coat on Opensea

Creek Dweller coat Flood secondary attack

Plain River coat

Pressure Blast attack

A plain river coat can release a Pressure Blast attack.

Plain River coat on Opensea

Plain River coat Pressure Blast secondary attack