Tier 1 Yellow

Spark Chumbi

Spark type has a yellow body color (light, medium, or dark) and yellow background. Light spark body type has Thunderclap as main attack. Medium yellow disposes of Lightning Bolt attack. The dark shade spark type can attack using Overload.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different spark coats - Energized coat having Radwave secondary attack. Powered coat disposing of Gigawatt Punch attack. Charged cloak with Thunder Chain attack. Fritzy coat attacks using Laser Burst. System Shock can deliver Chumbi in Static coat. And a plain spark coat is allowing to use of Lightning Strike secondary attack.

Sparks are strong against the river, feather, and flower Chumbi. They rather avoid void, spirit, and cave Chumbi. Pure Spark Chumbi on Opensea.

Spark Coats and Shades

Strong against: riverfeatherflower

Weak against: voidspiritcave

Body colors of

Spark Chumbi

Spark Chumbi have a yellow body and background. Light-shaded spark Chumbi can attack with Thunderclap. Medium-shaded have Lightning Bolt attack and dark spark Chumbi use Overload.

Spark is Tier2 type. When river and mountain parents mate, they have a chance of hatching a frost Chumbi.

Spark Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark spark Chumbi

Energized coat

Radwave attack

The yellow and white coat of the Energized coat comes with a secondary Radwave attack.

Energized Spark Coat on Opensea

Energized coat Radwave secondary attack

Powered coat

Gigawatt Punch attack

Sparky powered coat can yield Gigawatt Punch attack.

Powered Spark Coat on Opensea

Powered coat Gigawatt Punch secondary attack

Charged coat

Thunder Chain attack

Chumbi with charged coat can release a Thunder Chain assault.

Charged Spark Coat on Opensea

Charged coat Thunder Chain secondary attack

Fritzy coat

Laser Burst attack

Those who wear fritzy coats can launch the Laser Burst.

Fritzy Spark coat on Opensea

Fritzy coat Laser Burst secondary attack

Static coat

System Shock attack

Spark static coat can strike with a System Shock attack.

Static Spark Coat on Opensea

Static coat System Shock secondary attack

Plain Spark coat

Lightning Strike attack

A plain spark coat can release a Lightning Strike attack.

Plain Spark coat on Opensea

Plain Spark coat Lightning Strike secondary attack