Tier 3 blue

Spirit Chumbi

Spirit type has an blue body color (light, medium, or dark) and blue background. Light spirit body type has Chilling Whisper main attack. Medium shade can attack with Soul Scream. The dark shade spirit is using Wailing Banshee.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different spirit coats - Aurora coat having Haunting secondary attack. Spirit Chumbi with Ghostly Wisp coat master Wisp Burn attack. Lunar coats are wielding Moon Beam attack. Chumbi cloaked in Mystic have Nowhere Strike attack. Solar coats attack using Solar Flare. And a plain spirit coat can deliver Magic Bolt.

Spirit are strong against the flame, spark, and crystal Chumbi. They have weakness fighting - frost, river, and forest Chumbi. Spirit Chumbi on Opensea.

Spirit Chumbi coats and shades

Strong against: sparkflowercreature

Weak against: voidinsectriver

Body colors of

Spirit Chumbi

Spirit Chumbi have a blue body and background. Light-shaded spirit Chumbi can attack with Chilling Whisper. Medium-shaded have Soul Scream attack and dark spirit Chumbi use Wailing Banshee.

Spirit is Tier3 type. Frost and Flower parents have a chance hatching a Spirit child.

Spirit Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark spirit Chumbi

Aurora coat

Haunting attack

A coat embroidered with stars have Aurora coat Chumbi that can release the Haunting attack.

Aurora Spirit Coat on Opensea

Aurora coat Haunting secondary attack

Ghostly Wisp coat

Wisp Burn attack

Bearded spirit Chumbi with Ghostly Wisp coat can release a Wisp Burn assault.

Ghostly Wisp Spirit Coat on Opensea

Ghostly Wisp coat Wisp Burn secondary attack

Lunar coat

Moon Beam attack

Lunar have mastered the Moon Beam attack.

Lunar Spirit Coat on Opensea

Lunar coat Moon Beam secondary attack

Mystic coat

Nowhere Strike attack

Spirit Mystic coats can strike with an Nowhere Strike attack.

Mystic Spirit Coat on Opensea

Mystic coat Nowhere Strike secondary attack

Solar coat

Solar Flare attack

Covered by the sunny translucent coat, the Solar Chumbi fight with the Solar Flare attack.

Solar Spirit Coat on Opensea

Solar coat Solar Flare secondary attack

Spirit coat

Magic Bolt attack

A plain spirit coat can release a Magic Bolt attack.

Pure Spirit Coat on Opensea

Plain Spirit coat Magic Bolt secondary attack