Tier 1 black

Void Chumbi

Void type has an black body color (light, medium, or dark) and black background. Light void body type has Dark Thoughts main attack. Medium shade can attack with Shadow Curse. The dark shade void is using Pitch Black.

Any Chumbi can wear 6 different void coats - Dark Shawl coat with Abyssal Blast secondary attack. Void Chumbi with Microcosm coat have mastered Evil's Effigy attack. Nether Ghost coats are attacking with Night Slice attack. Chumbi cloaked in Shadows are wielding Shadow Beam. Umbra coats attack using Dark Curse. And a plain void coat can launch a Shade Shot.

Voids are strong agianst river, spark, spirit, and void Chumbi. Void is week fighting void, flower, and flame Chumbi. Void Chumbi on Opensea.

Void Chumbi coats and shades

Strong against: riversparkspiritvoid

Weak against: voidflowerflame

Body colors of

Void Chumbi

Void Chumbi have a black body and background. Light-shaded void Chumbi can attack with Dark Thoughts. Medium-shaded have Shadow Curse attack and dark void Chumbi use Pitch Black.

Void is the only Tier4 type. With a bit of luck, creature and spirit parents can have a void child.

Void Type on Opensea

Light, medium, and dark void Chumbi

Dark Shawl coat

Abyssal Blast attack

Dark Shawl Chumbi fight with the Abyssal Blast main attack.

Dark Shawl Void Coat on Opensea

Dark Shawl coat Abyssal Blast secondary attack

Microcosm coat

Evil's Effigy attack

Microcosm have mastered the Evil's Effigy attack.

Microcosm Void Coat on Opensea

Microcosm coat Evil's Effigy secondary attack

Nether Ghost coat

Night Slice attack

Coated in blue crystals Nether Ghost coat Chumbi have mastered a Night Slice assault.

Nether Ghost Void Coat on Opensea

Nether Ghost coat Night Slice secondary attack

Shadows coat

Shadow Beam attack

Shadows coat Chumbi that can release the Shadow Beam attack.

Shadows Void Coat on Opensea

Shadows coat Shadow Beam secondary attack

Umbra coat

Dark Curse attack

Resembling a sheep, Void Umbra coats can strike with a Dark Curse attack.

Umbra Void Coat on Opensea

Umbra coat Dark Curse secondary attack

Void coat

Shade Shot attack

A plain void coat can release a Shade Shot attack.

Pure Void Coat on Opensea

Plain Void coat Shade Shot secondary attack