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Chumbivalley concerns

Even though the game has potential and the art is appealing, we might not see any Chumbi if the project fails to launch. That is why it is good to know what are the concerns of the community and critiques.

The main reason for concerns arose as the price of CHMB has lost more than 95% of its post-ICO value. The game development schedule is being postponed, which probably influence the token price too.

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First concern

Inexperienced Team

Chumbivalley's core team consists of a few friends who worked in web design before. They attempted to create a game Slime Punk, but never released it.

The game started with a very aggressive token vesting schedule, while there was basically no game developed. After the first development partnership with Vulcan Forge failed, billions of tokens were in circulation, very little gameplay was developed and the token price plunged.


UX Design

Second concern

Lessons Learned

The team has improved its communication a lot, started doing AMAs and shared first game screens.

Though most of the screens shared are related to art or very simple, and we haven't seen any game footage yet. The Chumbivalley art division is strong, but the development team hasn't shown much yet.

Luckily the team has risen a lot of money from seed sale and token sale. Will it be enough to build the game?

Third concern

Crypto Knowledge

As mentioned aggressive vesting schedule together with a late start to the game development caused the CHMB token has lost most of its post-ICO value. In the AMAs the team often mentions the global market downturn, not acknowledging that the price is down due to huge circulating supply and no demand.

Cumbivalley was scammed in April-2022 by a group pretending they will list them on a popular exchange. It is hard to believe that a known exchange would approach a project, that has just lost 95% of its value.

The crypto world can react quickly. The team is very kind, doing the beautiful art, but they also need to develop some crypto muscles to survive in this competitive world.

Fourth concern

Community Size

Chumbivalley has a huge number of social followers, but the number of social interactions (likes, shares) doesn't reflect that.

The recent coin listing vote has attracted only 52 followers while leading projects brought over 2000, even though their social base is smaller. listing vote

I still believe

in Chumbivalley

Even though many early investors have lost faith or at least have conserved their investment and are waiting, I still think that the game can be great.

Many people who see Chumbi fall in love with the art. The stories, the fan-art, the vibe of the community are awesome. If we ever see the game/movie/merch, I still believe that it will be awesome.