How to set up

Metamask crypto wallet

If you want to play a crypto nft game like Chumbi Valley you need a crypto wallet. It's easy to set up one and the most common is Metamask. On this page we show you how to install the wallet, then we guide you through CHMB currency setup.

The first step is to go to Metamask and download the wallet. It exists as a plug-in to Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers or as an app on Android or Apple.

On Metamask click on Download or Download now and then Install Metamask for your browser.

Install Metamask Crypto Wallet

How to set up

Metamask Chrome Browser Extension

When you click on Install Metamask for Chrome, the browser's extension page opens. Click on the big blue 'Add to Chrome' button. A warning appears that you must approve by clicking 'Add extension'. It works similarly for the other browsers.

Metamask Crypto Wallet Chrome Extension

How to start with

Metamask Chrome Browser Extension

When the extension installs, the start-up page opens. You can always reach metamask from the Chrome extension menu - a jigsaw puzzle icon on the top right of the page.

Hit 'Get Started' to move to the next screen. Here you are prompted to either import an existing crypto wallet if you have some, or create a new one. Let's assume you don't have any yet and click on 'Create a new wallet'. On the next screen carefully read the 'help us improve' and hit the agree button.

Start with Metamask Crypto Wallet Chrome Extension


Keys and Passwords

The next step is to set up a strong password. Crypto thefts are a daily reality so pick a really strong password. Mark it down carefully in a safe place. You can change the password anytime.

In the following step, the wallet generates the Secret Recovery Phrase. It is a 12-word phrase that is a master password to your wallet. Careful, if you lose it, your money is lost. Never share the phrase with anyone and carefully store it. Some people carve it to a metal bar and keep it in a vault.

Metamask Secret Recovery Phrase set up

Setting up the wallet

Is only the first step

Metamask makes sure that you remember the phrase and ask you to write it down on the next page. Then it congratulates you because your wallet is set up.

Hurray, you are halfway through. Now you have to set up the wallet account for each currency. Chumbi Valley is using two cryptocurrency networks - Polygon for NTFs (Chumbi creatures) and Binance Smart Chain for CHMB currency.

Luckily, the matamask wallet address is the same for every crypto currency network you use.

Congratulation Metamask Wallet was set up

Setting the wallet

for the Chumbi seed

You can buy Seed Chumbi on opensea on the Polygon crypto network.

To set up a new network open the 'Ethereum mainnet' (or other network that you have active) dropdown and click the 'Add Network' (used to be 'Custom RPC'). See metamask custom RPC guideline.

Metamask set up new network

Setting up

Polygon Mainnet on Metamask

When you open the 'New Network' page you need to fill in several things. To buy seed Chumbi on opensea you need Polygon network setup. For more details see Polygon on metamask or medium article.

Name it as you like, but most users name it 'Polygon Mainnet'. RPC Url is '', Chain ID is 137, Currency symbol is 'MATIC' and block explorer is on ''.

add polygon (MATIC) to metamask

Setting up

wEth on Polygon

So far you see Polygon native token MATIC in your wallet. You must add wETH to buy on opensea. Click on 'Import token' and use wETH contract address on polygon - 0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619. You can check the contract on the polygonscan to see the latest wETH transaction on the polygon chain.

If you have MATIC in your wallet you can exchange to WETH on QuickSwap (wETH is marked as ETEH on Quickswap) or Uniswap v3. Read Bridge ETH to Polygon.

Exchange MATIC to wETH on Polygon