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Chumbivalley game

The game release is planned for 2022 (see April AMA), more details are yet to be revealed. Today you can buy seed Chumbi NFT or CHMB crypto token. How do you play the game once it is revealed?

You don't need to own any Chumbi NFT to play. Every player can choose one non-NFT Ancestor Chumbi (river, fire, or forest type) to explore the game. Once you are confident, you can buy Chumbi on a market. We don't know the details about the gameplay yet, but the following lines describe what we expected based on the leaks on the official Chumbivalley channels.

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Chumbivalley players home

Trainer's Home and

Exploring the valley

Everyone starts the game in a safe place, where Chumbi rest and gain strength. Once ready, the trainer can take the Chumbi through the Ancient portal and explore the randomly generated land. Chumbi can move at a certain speed and special items like boots can increase it.

In the world, the Chubmi can fight cursed Chumbi and gain LSTS tokens. They can also find unique items that can be crafted or farmed.

The world is affected by weather and seasons of the year. At night the training needs to have a lantern.

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Exploring Chumbivalley through the Ancient Portal

Grow and Farm

Crops and Berries

We don't know a lot yet. Chumbi will be able to grow various crops and farm products. We have learned that to increase Chumbi level you need an apply mixed with LSTS.

First leaks about the Chumberries talks about 8 types of these berries Chumbi can grow and use for spells.

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Neutral Chumberies