Breed Seed Chumbi and

Generation 1 Chumbi

In April 2022 we expect 12288 newborn Chumbi. Chumbi offspring appear as pods on the Mystical Oak Tree. Each Seed Chumbi pair can breed 2 offspring. This magical process creates so much energy, that this time additional 8192 generation 1 Chumbi is created. Seed Chumbi breeding is free. Whitelisted individuals can get Generation 1 Chumbi for $125 USD in CHMB.

Seed Chumbi holders can decide which Chumbi they pair and can influence the coats and chances for mini or shiny Gen 1 Chumbi. Those who buy will get a random one. Unlike seed Chumbi, generation 1 are all Tier 1 Chumbi body types.

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Chumbi Breeding Event Infographics