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Seed Chumbi

Seed Chumbi are the first 4096 Chumbi minted. You could have bought them on Dec-15 and Dec-16 on using USDC on the polygon network. Whitelisted users have bought all seeds in less than 5 minutes. Now you can buy them on OpenSea.

You can buy 1696 rare, 1200 epic, 800 legendary, and 400 mythic seed pods. Each pod has a different chance to hatch tier 1-4 Chumbi. The luckiest owners will get mini or shiny Chumbi.

Important: Seed Chumbi were sold out.

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Seed Sale Schedule

When can I buy seed Chumbi

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Chumbi Fam

Starting on Dec-15 Chumbi Fam members, the most active discord users have picked their seeds.

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Whiteliested users


On Dec-16, the sale will be open to around 4300 whitelisted addresses


Chumbi Sale to public

Public sale

There will be no public sale. Everything was sold out.

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Rare Chumbi seed pod


Epic Chumbi seed pod


Legendary Chumbi seed pod


Mythic Chumbi seed pod


Good to know about

Seed Sale

Seed sale took place on Dec-15 and 16 2021. Users paid by USDC on a polygon network. MATIC is used to pay transaction fees. Metamask wallet is recommended - see how to install metamask.

Also check the Seed Chumbi NFT Sale Medium article, seed sale video guide, and frequently asked questions.

Besides the Chumbi the buyers also get $CHMB token.

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Seed Chumbi with trainer

$ cost of seed Chumbi

CHMB token

CHMB token distributed with seeds