How to set up

CHMB token in your wallet

Once you have set up metamask wallet. Now you have to set up the right crypto chain and token.

There are several crypto protocols - Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) run by the biggest crypto-exchange Binance. CHMB token is a smart contract existing on the BSC. It means that all CHMB transaction interact with the smart contract and you can see each transaction on the

CHMB and LSTS tokens

How to set up

A new crypto network

By default, Metamask is linked to the Ethereum chain. You have to add a new network to enable the Binance Smart Chain. Click on Ethereum Mainnet drop down in the top right and choose "Add Network" on the bottom. Alternatively, you can go through Settings > Networks.

More detail on Binance Academy.

Add new chain to metamask

How to set up

Set up Binance Smart Chain

On the next page, you must add details of the Binance Smart chain. They are as follows (see Binance Academy)

  • Network Name: Name it as you like, e.g., Binance Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL: (optional)
Set up Binance Smart Chain in the metamask


CHMB token to Metamask

When you save the new chain, you only see its native currency, BNB in the case of Binance Smart Chain. To get other currencies you need to import the right token.

Click on Import Token and fill in the CHMB contract data.

  • Token Contract Address: 0x5492Ef6aEebA1A3896357359eF039a8B11621b45
  • Token Symbol: CHMB
  • Decimals: 18

Always double-check the contract address on the official source like Chumbivalley web. There are many scammers trying to steal your money through fake contracts.

Set up CHMB token in Metamask


CHMB is set up

Then you can see your current CHMB balance and you can hit import to bring CHMB to your wallet.

Now you need to send some CHMB to your wallet so that you can stake CHMB (not yet available) or buy Chumbi (also not yet available). You can buy CHMB on Kucoin and send it to your address (withdrawal fee 25 CHMB). You can buy any currency on BSC and exchange it on PancakeSwap or trade BUSD on Orion Protocol.

You will also need some BNB to pay work transaction fees every time you do something in the crypto world - stake, buy, send money. The fees are quite small, but it is good to have a few dollars in BNB in the wallet.

Last step to import CHMB token