The game is as good as its team and community. Let's meet the team that invented the marvelous Chumbi and its supportive community. So far we know a little about the team from the main page, but we look forward to learning more about the Chumbi heroes.

Besides the team, Chumbivalley is supported by many administrators of the official channels, who tirelessly answer the questions of the community.

Check the Chumbivalley linkedin page.

3 Chumbi

Papa Chumbi

Aisha Venables Bitonti

Aisha is the founder of Chumbivalley together with Nikki. They also work in Strange Planet Studio a web design studio. We have checked the Web Archive to confirm that Strange Planet has some history of webpage projects.

They created Strange Pocket Games. which is preparing a game called Slime Punk. The game is not released yet.

Papa aims to meet the community regularly in the weekly Ask me anything sessions.

Papa Chumbi Aisha Venables Bitonti

Chumbi Girl

Nikki Druiven

Nikki is the founder of Chumbivalley together with Aisha. She has also studied at the Swinburne University of Technology where Kieran and Claudia studied as well.

She worked with Claudia in New Digital Print

Chumbi Girl Nikki

Business Development Manager

Keiran Brumby

Kieran is head of marketing and business development for Chumbi Valley. He used to work as a manager of leisure and recreation facilities in the Whitehorse City Council.

You can hear his voice in the April-28, 2022 Ask Me Anything voice session.

Keiran Brumby

Communication Design

Claudia Tigani

We don't know a lot about Claudia. She attended the Swinburne University of Technology and worked with Nikki in New Digital Print. Here is her Behance profile.

Claudia Tigani

Nonceblox Founder

Ritam Gupta

Ritam's NonceBlox has developed several successful crypto projects and wants to add Chumbivalley to the list. Nonceblox metaverse team now helps to develop Chumbivalley game.

Ritam is often appearing on Indian Television discussing cryptocurrencies. See 1, 2.

Ritam Gupta the developer

Partnership with

Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged gathers interesting play-to-earn and metaverse projects like Sandbox, SinCity, Coodle Pets are more. Vulcan builds its own metaverse called VulcanVerse. They have their own tokens $lava and $pyr.

Their development team was cooperating with Chumbivalley for a while, but in spring 2022, most development tasks were taken over by Nonceblox.

Vulcan Forged logo