Chumbivalley will use two main tokens - CHMB capped at 30B and LSTS with infinite supply. CHMB is the primary currency to buy new Chumbi, pay sage to learn your Chumbi offline skills, buy items, buy land, and breeding fees. It's also a governance token, by holding it you can influence the game.

You can get LSTS - lucky stars - as a reward while playing. the infinite supply is burned through breeding fees, leveling spells, and increasing Chumbi happiness. You need lucky stars to create candies apply needed to level your Chumbi. You can get LSTS by playing quest, beating opponents, crowing crops, and more.

Read more in the litepaper and CHMB transparency report.

Chumbi CHMB and LSTS tokensd


Vesting Schedule

CHMB first appeared on Kucoin on Dec-17, 2021. It was 15M tokens. Over the next 3 years, all 30B CHMB will be distributed. Vesting Schedule is undergoing changes and will take longer.

The private sale was at 0.0007 USD/CHMB, Kucoin Spotlight at 0.001 USD/CHMB. The launch on Orion Protocol reached 0.013 USD/CHMB. First-day trading on Kucoin oscillated about 0.09 USD/CHMB.

Based on the schedule we can see 2% of the 30B in Dec 2021, 4% in Jan, 6% in Feb, 8% in Mar, 12% in Apr, 16 in May, 20% in Jun, 25% in Jul, 30% in Aug, 35% in Sept.

Chumbivalley Litepaper

CHMB vesting schedule

Where can I

trade CHMB

Kucoin Listing


On Kucoin USDT/CHMB pair

Go to exchange

Pancakeswap logo

Pancake Swap

On the decentralized Pancake Swap. Official contract is 0x5492Ef6aEebA1A3896357359eF039a8B11621b45.

Go to DEX

Orion Protocol CHMB/BUSD

Orion Protocol

On the Orion Protocol's Terminal.

Buy on Go to Terminal

Where does the

CHMB come from

There are several sources of the initial CHMB:

These tokens won't release immediately, but will be vested over the next months. Learn more in the CHMB transparency report.

CHMB vesting schedule