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Chumbi tools

You, as a Chumbi trainer are an explorer. You can go through the Ancient Portal and roam an open world where you find resources, products, and tools. You can also craft tools that can help you in your quests.

So far we know about a few tools and accessories you can have. Some are just decorations of your home place, while you use others to produce resources or create spells.

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Inventory leak

Chumbi inventory leak

Grow Chumberries with

Farming Tools

You can farm 8 Chumberries on your home plot (we suppose everyone will have a home area for farming, crafting, and with an Ancient Portal). Before you can harvest these mellow fruit, you need to do 4 steps.

  • Clear grass wearing gloves to find a seed
  • Tilt ground with a shovel.
  • Plant the seed and water using watering can.
  • Give it time to grow and harvest using gloves.

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Chumbivalley farming tools

Explore dark areas with

Lantern of Revealing

Only 3000 lanterns exist. They were a guaranteed NFT in the Chumbi crates available on Apr-14 2022 for 40,000 CHMB.

We know that there will be day and night in the Chumbi valley. We have also learned that there will be dark areas you can only explore with a lantern. You will be able to create torches or spell that can illuminate these corners, but we assume that the Lantern of Revealing works all the time without any additional cost.

Chumbi Medium

Lantern of Revealing

Explore faster with

Nimble Boots

Increase your exploring speed wearing nimble boots. This item will be airdropped to the seed Chumbi holders in Apr-26 2022. It will double your walking speed.


Nimble Boots

Equipment and


You can dress your trainer or adorn your Chumbi. 20 most active discord users in Sept-2021 received precious Founders Cloak. Following 100 users gained Emerald Headpiece.


Founders Cloak



On Apr-04 2022, seed Chumbi holders were airdropped another item - a trail. If equipped your Chumbi will leave these magical footprints and it is rumored that they will have some ability.


Legendary Trail